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Author of 5 books,  The Well Used Key (2nd Edition) The Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Potential /

A Vision To Win - Harnessing The Power Of Your Imagination /

Let Me Get This Off My Chest - Coping With Breast Cancer Alone /

Forget Me Not - A guide To Enduring Alzhiemer's Dementia.

Janice Muir

Hello, and welcome to my website, my name is Janice Muir.

Since being a young child I had a passion to write stories, it didn’t happen all the time as life changed with many hops steps and jumps along the way.  I am passionate when it comes to writing a book, be it your book or mine. I love the flow of the words bouncing on the screen.

My  journey took me on many ebbs and flow and I knew as the child I would be an author one day,  never knowing what i would write about. I just had a knowing deep inside.  

My passion and mission is to assist you to get your book written, share your STORY and find the MESSAGE to inspire others as well to LEAVE A LEGACY if that is what you want to do.

I Believe I Achieve is the easiest way to create that book that sits deep inside of you, your words created into your story in a step by step process.

My journey took me on a path to losing my partner to Alzheimer’s Dementia and to face Breast Cancer some years ago. I know there is more to your precious life than not achieving your said goal. You have a book inside of you and I believe that the opportunity is now
to create it, to achieve the goals you want in life.

If you believe you can have a book inside that you want to achieve and or have accomplished for you then feel free to reach out.   If you are reading this page then feel free to ask more questions how to write your book, how to get started and if interested in how to find when the next book writing retreat is on so you can be guided on the journey to get your book started.

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