The Well Used Key

The Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Potential

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When you look at life that you realize that every choice you make will affect everything in the world Life can be difficult at any age, there are so many lessons to learn and many variants to how we should do things.  Life is full of choices

Dreams Visions Goals

Goals set in life are all reachable if you take enough action steps,  Dreams are what you envisage for your life, that are totally achievable for you.   Having a vision is what keeps the dream alive to plan for the goal so it is acheived.  The vision is in seeing your end result over and over in your mind that you can achieve

Downloadable Documents

9 different downloads to help you on the way.  Each item of the key book shares steps hints and information for you to take the next step.  Remember you are always growing so keep your focus on the end goal and you will achieve.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

The Well Used Key suggest that you have to listen to your inner voice and listen to the direction of what your self-instruction is giving you. This can be both positive and negative.  Your guide inside will share ways for you to move forward.  going with the flow or turning against it will give you the outcomes in life. Choose wisely!

Testimony: The Well Used Key

'This is a great book that is inspiring and practical at the same. It guides you through the steps you need to achieve a successful life. No matter where you are now, it doesnt matter. The principles are simple, profound and very doable. It is a 'handbook' for life in your teens and beyond.'
- Rhonda Brown
8 August 2015
'Well worth reading. Has many great tips and templates to map out your goals and intentions. Janice shares with us her own journey as a young child whose aspirations to achieve a gold medal were dashed by a few careless words from an adult. How often does that happen to our children? How often does that happen to us?  If you want to encourage your child or even find the key to your own success  - give yourself a head start and buy this book - absorb the information and use it to be all you can be.'
- Trish Springsteen
29 January 2016
The author sent me a copy of her book to review after we chatted a few times via Facebook. It took a bit for it to get here from Australia! This book is jam-packed with great tools for unlocking your inner potential no matter what age. She states the book is for young adults but to me it is written more for an adult. It would be great if everyone, no matter what age, used the principles this book lays out as doing the exercises really can unlock potential. I enjoyed reading the stories of the author's life and those she has come in contact with.

Overall, a good read. If you were to just focus and achieve one of the keys outlined in the book, I believe you would be on your way to living the life you have dreamed of.
- Laura Stewart
15 August 2016

What Will You Learn?

Do you have big dreams for your future?
Do you worry that you might not have what it takes to make them a reality?
Author Janice Muir believes that no matter how old, we all have what it takes and that the best time to start is now, as a teenager, when you're just starting to think about what life could be.
The Well Used Key gives your steps to learn how to listen to your positive inner voice and to change your mind so that you can change your life.  Each chapter is a key to a new lesson to move forward and design your life.
It will take you on a journey to identify what questions you are asking yourself?  What negative thoughts you are having?  What is meditation and how to quieten your mind? 
What a list can do for you.  How getting a better school grade can assist you for your future outcomes.  Your doubts you are having? Understanding the filing compartment of your mind and what habits do you keep doing? 
What is change and what believing in self can do?